Friday, November 14, 2008

Fantasy or reality ~ Current Mood: Irritated

I am a member of a couple of different online communities and it seems to blow my mind every time how the online world occasionally gets mistaken for reality.
I have to say, I really enjoy the websites that I'm on and love the accessibility to people I would otherwise have a hard time keeping in touch with.

Recently, I received a friend request by, what seemed to be a very well put together woman. After inspecting her stats and seeing we had a couple of friends in common I started to think really hard...."where do I know this person from?" After further investigation I found that my husband was also a friend of hers. I later asked him how we knew this person and he said, "we don't know her, I just added her." Well, although my husband had no problem adding a stranger, I simply clicked on the "Ignore" button and went on with life.

A week later I receive another request from the same woman....I figured it was an accidental re-request and I "Ignored" again.
Today I received a 3rd request, this time clearly puzzled, I asked my husband again, "Are you sure we don't know her"...."no, honey" he replies.

Determined to solve this mystery, I decide to send her a little message....
"I'm sorry, do I know you from somewhere? I noticed we have some friends in common and sometimes I don't remember people that I meet..."

Her reply...
"No, you don't know me....but I think it's fun to add friends of friends."

Hmmm....friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends??

My question....did we forget how to be polite or simply just assume it's not necessary through a machine? How many friends request do you send before it's considered stalking?

Again, I want to say, I'm blown away by the lack of respect, just because it's not face to face!
And let me tell you, if you followed someone around and kept asking them to be your friend you would most definitely be dealing with a restraining order...

No, it's not just this one situation. I've seen other ways people have treated each other and you know without a doubt they wouldn't do or say these things face to face.

My hope is that people would stop letting the Internet desensitize them to the way they are supposed to conduct themselves in real life....I mean, come on people, this is no fantasy world.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elections 2008 ~ Current Mood: Contemplative

I was thinking about this current election...when I think about the conversations and debates I heard, I've seen a lot of mudslinging. The sad part is, it's not coming from the candidates.

Why is it that politics turn us into hateful people? I even find myself wanting to say the worst about someone with a different view from me. Why can't we all vote our own way and not have to worry about a friend or even a stranger wanting to tackle us?

I have to say, I've never been the type of person who really enjoys debating but seeing all that this election has brought out of people, it makes me want to stay away even more! Don't get me wrong, I have my own very strong political views, I just would rather someone not drag me through the mud because they disagree with me.

The thing that has shocked me the most is that, I have found people, close friends even, have turned into people I wouldn't want to associate with. And it's all because of two men that no one even knows that well!! I mean, would you really turn your back on friends that you know better than two politicians??
I don't say that to discourage voting, GO VOTE it's vital to you as an American! But don't hate your friends because their view is different!

And, when did we lose courtesy for a stranger? Some people have no problem disrespecting complete strangers...have we really become this tainted??

We keep saying we want peace in this country yet we can't even practice that with each other!

This is SUCH an important election...can we please stay focused on what is best for our own lives and families and let everyone else vote their own way. Please, instead of mudslinging, maybe a better choice for us would be to pray!

Friday, August 15, 2008

He's more than enough! ~ Current Mood: Thankful

It's amazing, God is always faithful, even in the little things.

Last night I was helping out for this new ministry called "Shout! NYC", I was excited about it but as I was heading into the city, the few sneezes that started earlier that day turned into a full fledged allergy attack.

As I was walking into the theater where we have it, I was sneezing and tears were streaming from my eyes just from watering.....Haha, people were asking me if I was crying!
Anyway as I was sitting in the dressing room back stage it wasn't calming down and I knew I was about to go out there and sing, plus, I had to lead two songs!

I was sitting on the steps, listening and worshipping to the first band, and it was funny, they started to sing "Healer", I immediately heard a voice say, "I am your healer, nothing is too small or too big for me." So I started to sing and just claim healing, that this little allergy attack was not too small or insignificant.

As I walked out onto the stage, it seemed like nothing had changed, I picked up the mic and Brian started to play the intro to the first song (which I was to lead), as I began to sing "Hungry" I realized that my nose was clear, my eyes didn't itch and I no longer had the urge to sneeze!
The rest of worship set I was able to sing freely and even felt lead by the Holy Spirit than ever before. As I lead "Hosanna", I was just praising God, thanking Him for being the one who saves.

I am so thankful, so grateful, that my little life is not insignificant to Him

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A revelation at 2am ~ Current mood: Enlightened

Monday, June 02, 2008

Man, it's almost 2am and I'm wide awake....I got outta bed walked to the window, I stared out for a minute or two. As I'm lookin' out the window I see two rats the size of small cats run down the sidewalk.....funny how it doesn't faze me anymore.

Wow, it's crazy how much I've really changed in the last 3 years.
I was thinkin' about the things that have happened to me....the horrible things....the wonderful things, but mostly the horrible. Man, I really am such a different person. I started to think about the people who are witness to this change in me and, strange enough, none of them are family.

Over the last 3 years I have had life defining moments that have changed who I am today and how I really look at life. I thought about that and I realized that if you asked my family about me they might only be able to tell you the basic things. That kinda makes me sad.

For the time that I've been here I've struggled with this, for a while I tried to make them keep up with my life, sometimes fished for responses with the slightest glimmer of pride in me.
I think I finally got it, it doesn't matter.

My husband is proud of me, I'm proud of myself and I know God is proud of me, that's all that matters. As hard as it has been, these last 3 years, I thank GOD for what He's brought me through! I now see, He has made me confident, fearless, strong, determined, inspired....
I found a confidence in myself I never had before, I actually go up to people I don't know and make conversation, I was always afraid to do that! I lost such a close, dear friend and surprisingly, I'm finding the strength to get past the depression and pain. I make myself get outta bed everyday!

God reminded me of my dreams and passion to sing and gave me this determination to not give up and He gives me the inspiration to keep writing and to make it into something great!
A prophet once told me when I was a teenager that I never had problems knowing who I am, he was right, but let me tell you, I feel like I have a sense of who I am far more than I ever had in my entire life!

So I'm sittin' here at 2am and I praise God for this revelation....maybe now I will be able to sleep.