Friday, August 15, 2008

He's more than enough! ~ Current Mood: Thankful

It's amazing, God is always faithful, even in the little things.

Last night I was helping out for this new ministry called "Shout! NYC", I was excited about it but as I was heading into the city, the few sneezes that started earlier that day turned into a full fledged allergy attack.

As I was walking into the theater where we have it, I was sneezing and tears were streaming from my eyes just from watering.....Haha, people were asking me if I was crying!
Anyway as I was sitting in the dressing room back stage it wasn't calming down and I knew I was about to go out there and sing, plus, I had to lead two songs!

I was sitting on the steps, listening and worshipping to the first band, and it was funny, they started to sing "Healer", I immediately heard a voice say, "I am your healer, nothing is too small or too big for me." So I started to sing and just claim healing, that this little allergy attack was not too small or insignificant.

As I walked out onto the stage, it seemed like nothing had changed, I picked up the mic and Brian started to play the intro to the first song (which I was to lead), as I began to sing "Hungry" I realized that my nose was clear, my eyes didn't itch and I no longer had the urge to sneeze!
The rest of worship set I was able to sing freely and even felt lead by the Holy Spirit than ever before. As I lead "Hosanna", I was just praising God, thanking Him for being the one who saves.

I am so thankful, so grateful, that my little life is not insignificant to Him