Friday, November 14, 2008

Fantasy or reality ~ Current Mood: Irritated

I am a member of a couple of different online communities and it seems to blow my mind every time how the online world occasionally gets mistaken for reality.
I have to say, I really enjoy the websites that I'm on and love the accessibility to people I would otherwise have a hard time keeping in touch with.

Recently, I received a friend request by, what seemed to be a very well put together woman. After inspecting her stats and seeing we had a couple of friends in common I started to think really hard...."where do I know this person from?" After further investigation I found that my husband was also a friend of hers. I later asked him how we knew this person and he said, "we don't know her, I just added her." Well, although my husband had no problem adding a stranger, I simply clicked on the "Ignore" button and went on with life.

A week later I receive another request from the same woman....I figured it was an accidental re-request and I "Ignored" again.
Today I received a 3rd request, this time clearly puzzled, I asked my husband again, "Are you sure we don't know her"...."no, honey" he replies.

Determined to solve this mystery, I decide to send her a little message....
"I'm sorry, do I know you from somewhere? I noticed we have some friends in common and sometimes I don't remember people that I meet..."

Her reply...
"No, you don't know me....but I think it's fun to add friends of friends."

Hmmm....friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends??

My question....did we forget how to be polite or simply just assume it's not necessary through a machine? How many friends request do you send before it's considered stalking?

Again, I want to say, I'm blown away by the lack of respect, just because it's not face to face!
And let me tell you, if you followed someone around and kept asking them to be your friend you would most definitely be dealing with a restraining order...

No, it's not just this one situation. I've seen other ways people have treated each other and you know without a doubt they wouldn't do or say these things face to face.

My hope is that people would stop letting the Internet desensitize them to the way they are supposed to conduct themselves in real life....I mean, come on people, this is no fantasy world.