Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Friend...In All Seasons!

Friendship can be a touchy subject...only because everyone has their own view of what being a friend really looks like.

Some people see being a friend as hanging out when you can and having a good time...maybe someone to talk to. Some people even see having one as a benefit for themselves and don't really even expect anything in return.

For me, friendship is a privilege...not to just receive from another person, but a privilege to sacrifice, to be completely selfless, to show someone, who doesn't expect it, that you have love and respect for them.

I've had a couple of moments in the past week or so that came up where I just showed I cared and the person was surprised. I probably have a certain amount of people that I have built relationships with that are the closest to me, but then there are people that I truly care about and I've never really had much of a chance to spend anytime with them.

For me, if I really care about you, you can call me a friend....whether we regularly spend time together or not, you could call on me if you needed something....anytime really.

But it doesn't stop there....I think friendship is something that doesn't waver, a friend should be a friend in any circumstance, no matter what situation you're going through, you don't just stop being a friend.

Recently, because I'm pregnant people have brought that up...."oh but you're pregnant, you can't help me right now" well why not, I won't stop being a friend or acting the way a friend should just because I'm pregnant.

I've learned that it gives me so much joy to be a selfless friend...
I believe a friend, a true friend is one in any season...good or bad.