Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun for me, turns to blessings for others!

I'm so excited!
Recently, a friend was posting pictures of paintings that she had done and I was looking at them and I started to miss painting...I haven't taken classes, but when I was younger my Dad kinda taught me how and let me paint with him.
So I thought, "you know, I've always loved to paint and I should just pick it up again!" So I started to first, everyday...and I LOVE it!!

Last week I was hanging out with a friend and she was telling about the things that God has been speaking to her. She said God has been showing her trees and speaking to her about roots. At the end of the day we were heading to the train and I felt like I was supposed to paint her a picture of a tree...okaaay, but I really had never painted a tree, why not, it could be fun. Then the picture of a keyhole popped into my I got excited! Even though I didn't know how it was going to turn out, I felt like I was supposed to do it! As soon as I got home I got to work on it!
This is how it turned out...

Even though I didn't think it turned out AMAZING, I did what I was supposed to do, and it spoke volumes to was exactly what God wanted to show her!

Sunday, I was talking to a friend about my paintings and she asked me to do one for her. I got excited again...hey, what more could I ask for, a new experience to try something different.

This time I sat down and before I touched my brush to the canvas I said a little prayer... Lord, speak through my brush, move my brush where you want it, that I may create something that you want for her.

I turned on some worship and put it on shuffle, when the song started playing I felt like I heard, "paint to this song, this song is for her" When I began to paint I felt as though the brush was dancing, I could almost hear laughter as I painted...I felt overwhelming joy! As I painted I started hearing words for her and when I was done I rushed to write it down!
Here is hers...

Looking at this makes me so happy, not because of what it looks like, but because it is how God sees her!

That was the first time that I have ever done a prophetic painting, it felt SO good!!

When I gave it to her she told me that it was spot on, that's how she'd been, the Lord is good!

I can't wait to pick up my brush again, I'm excited to see what new thing the Lord will help me create!

It's kind of strange, I started painting again to get rid of some of my boredom and to make myself feel good and in this process the Lord blesses other people!
And actually...that blesses me in ways I can't even describe!!