Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, new dreams!

This year the Lord is doing new things and I am so excited to see them!
I have been doing a prophetic worship and prayer night at my house and seeing the things that God is doing through it is amazing! Not just seeing the spirit move but seeing the actual change in people's lives instantly!
People are walking away from this changed, I'm seeing them walk in the fullness of the purpose that God has called them!

For me, I have had a heart and a gift for prophetic worship for a long time. It's even been spoken over me several times. I have looked forward to the day that I could do prophetic worship regularly and it's finally happening....not to mention, SO long overdue.

I am excited to see where God takes me with this and I'm extremely excited to see what new things God does in other people!

Bring it on Lord!