Thursday, April 15, 2010

POW! Power of Worship

About a year and a half ago a friend and I began talking about doing a prophetic worship night and we were hoping our church would do a corporate one, but due to a location issue that was not possible at the present. After time and a lot of talking, we decided that we wanted to start it now. Talking to other people we found that we were not the only ones who had been longing for a prophetic worship night!
So, we started a weekly prophetic worship and prayer night in my home and gave it a name, POW! Power Of Worship

I read this in an Ezine about prophetic worship. -"Prophetic is nothing more than flowing with divinely inspired revelation from heaven. A dependency on the Lord is created in prophetic worship because it leans on the Holy Spirit to guide the worship time, rather than a planned operation during the worship time. Tapping into God is nothing more than taking the time to hear God's voice, hear the melodies from heaven, and allow the Holy Spirit to flow within us."

I love that!
If we can listen closely to the Lord speaking, if we can wait for Him to lead us, how much more will we be walking in His fullness?

This new thing has been SO exciting! Every week God has been moving powerfully! At first we had a few nights that a lot of people showed up, that was awesome, but the last few weeks have been minimal, kinda like God was bringing specific people who needed to be ministered to!

When we first started one of our friend's sister, who lives in D.C., was asking us about it and she got really excited! She asked if we would be willing to go to D.C. and do a night of prophetic worship and prayer for them, of course we were willing!

Last weekend was the weekend! We took a team up there and it was amazing! Just to see people moved, encouraged, ministered to in ways they were not expecting! Not only that, but God really moved in our team's lives! We all felt that God took us to a new level in ministry! Even the next morning, as we served on our worship team, we felt like there was a newness!

We have been feeling like God is going to take us on the road, that we'll be travelling to different churches, doing the same thing. When we were done in D.C., one of the guys came up to us and said that he was on the worship team at his church and that they would love to have us come and do this for them! AAaahh! Wow, God is amazing!!

It's very exciting to hear the Lord speak things to you and then see them being fulfilled right before your eyes!
I am so thankful, so grateful, that the Lord would let me be a part of something so wonderful, and I am so excited to see what will happen next! :)