Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starting over

Starting over is SO hard! Not just moving to a new place but everything.

We moved from NY to Texas and not only do we have to deal with culture shock, (which I'm STILL dealing with btw) but you have the whole, "new community, new friends, new church" thing.

I think the thing that I'm dealing with the most is missing the people who just KNOW me. With your friends you don't have to explain yourself. They've seen you, spent time with you, just, done life with you.
I know, I know, that stuff takes time, but the time can be painful.

I find myself amongst new friends, having a blast and then you hit awkward silences, random comments and so on, that wouldn't happen with people who KNOW you. I just wanna scream, "Can we just get to the comfortable stage already?!?".

Maybe this happens to everyone that starts over, maybe I'm extremely impatient or maybe it's all me! Haha!

All I can do is keep being myself and pray everything fits the way it's supposed to. And friend Tara moves to Texas! Haha!

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